Organizer Hong Kong Dynamic Club Company Limited (Enquiry
Race Date 26 Nov 2016 (Saturday)
Assembly Point Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village (Address : 2 On Chun Street, Ma On Shan, Shatin, NT)
Starting Time 08:30
Time Limit 90 minutes for full course
Distance 10 km
Race Route Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village → Ma On Shan Promenade (Return)
Eligibility Aged 16 or above
Entry Fee HKD220
Quota 2000
Enrollment Deadline 2016-10-10
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Men Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E
Year of Birth 1991-2000 1981-1990 1971-1980 1961-1970 1960+
  Aged 16-25 Aged 26-35 Aged 36-45 Aged 46-55 Aged 56+
Women Group A Group B Group C Group D                
Year of Birth 1987-2000 1977-1986 1967-1976 1966+                
  Aged 16-29 Aged 30-39 Aged 40-49 Aged 50+                
Starting Time Zone  
< 40 minutes 40 - 50 minutes 50 - 60 minutes 60 - 70 minutes > 70 minutes  

Release and Declaration *
I hereby certify that I am physically fit and capable of participating in the race. I understand that I am entering the race on a voluntary basis and at my own risk and responsibility. I herewith expressly agree to abide by all rules and conditions stipulated by the organiser. I hereby release and discharge the organiser and any other individual or organisation connected directly or indirectly with this race from any responsibility in the event of injury, death or loss of property incurred during, as consequence of or while travelling to or from the race.

  • Trophies and prizes will be awarded to 1st to 5th runners in each of the men and women category.
  • Trophies will be awarded to 6th to 8th runners in each of the men and women category.
  • Garmin GPS watches will be awarded to the top 3 runners in each of the men and women category.
  • An extra 3 Garmin GPS watches are available to eligible participants as lucky draw special prizes. A total of 30 Garmin GPS watches will be awarded in this event.
  • Participants who wear Garmin watches and finish the race within the time limit are eligible to enter the lucky draw for the special prizes.
The Highest Team Score Award
  • Please fill out the enrollment form with the team name (please provide one single name) to gain 1 point. Team points will be awarded based on individual team members' placement within their groups using the following scale :
  • 1st - 10 points, 2nd - 8 points, 3rd - 6 points, 4th - 5 points, 5th - 4 points, 6th - 3 points,
    7th - 2 points, 8th - 1 points
Course Map